Interactive Metronome

Brain-based rehab is here! Discovered 25 years ago and validated by over 19 years of solid research, Interactive Metronome is a patented rehabilitation training program that improves the brain’s ability to plan, sequence and process information.  The brain is developed as repetitious hand and foot exercises are performed while the individual attempts to precisely match a computer-generated, metronome beat. 

With over 30,000 certified providers in over 30 countries Interactive Metronome is well-established in rehabilitation programs all over the world to treat patients with neurological disorders like Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Balance Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other learning disabilities. Persons without a medical diagnosis may also benefit from the IM program and is now rapidly gaining popularity to improve collegiate and professional sports performance.

According to the official Interactive Metronome website:
The IM protocol is aimed at synchronizing timing in the brain and has been shown to make dramatic functional improvements to the processing skills vital to motor planning, sequencing, and attention which are important to all activities.  It can be easily used by children as well as adults and studies show that the gains from IM training are permanent. Results may vary depending on diagnosis and the inherent individual differences of people.

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IM Can Improve Academic Performance

Several studies have shown that IM improves academic performance in unimpaired children and young adults. One study involved more than 1,500 middle and high school students who received 12 IM training sessions. Students were pre and post tested using the Woodcock-Johnson III standardized test. Analysis of the results showed an increase of 2.25 grade equivalent (GE) performance in reading fluency and an increase of 1.7 GE performance in math fluency.

Get The Competitive Edge With Interactive Metronome Training

The research results have been in for over 10 years!  Brain-based training is the new, cutting edge way to train and Interactive Metronome is rapidly becoming a popular training tool in athletic and gym programs.  Professional athletes like Vijay Singh and Glen Day, teams like the Miami Dolphins, and collegiate programs like Notre Dame are training with the IM program by gaining speed in the transmission of neural messages both to the brain and back to the muscles. Strength and conditioning specialist for the PGA Tour, Scott Riehl said “It’s the hottest piece of workout equipment on the PGA tour”. The refined rate of information transfer for improving smoothly coordinated body movements, reaction time, focus, and precise eye-hand control is the key to success in either athletic or eSporting performance.

Getting Started With Interactive Metronome

Patients with a medical diagnosis who may benefit from Interactive Metronome will require a doctor’s referral for “OT Evaluation and Treatment”. Anyone without a medical diagnosis who may want to improve their memory, athletic or eSporting performance, organizational skills, or academic skills may obtain IM treatment without a doctor’s referral at a self-pay rate described in the FAQ’s section.