Hand Therapy

Individuals who need hand therapy may have been affected by an accident, surgery, repetitive strain, nerve impingement or neurologic conditions like peripheral neuropathy or stroke. We work closely with you and your doctor to coordinate a comprehensive treatment plan designed to help you regain function, strength, range of motion and dexterity.  For repetitive stress injuries that may cause shocking or radiating pain in your arms and numbness in your hands we provide skilled techniques to relieve symptoms, help you identify causes, and teach you regular practices to prevent a reoccurence.  Our primary goal is to help you achieve maximum recovery so you can get back to a full and productive life as soon as possible.

We provide experienced rehabilitation care including upper extremity assessment and a skilled treatment plan which may include:

  • techniques to address edema, inflammation, and pain,
  • increasing range of motion,
  • sthttp://www.dreamstime.com/-image2431724rengthening,
  • scar management,
  • soft tissue mobilization,
  • joint mobilization,
  • sensory re-education,
  • hand function re-training,
  • self-management training,
  • adaptive equipment training,
  • joint protection and work simplification techniques, and
  • custom splint fabrication to protect healing, increase range of motion, or assist weak muscles for more functional hand use.
  • Mirror Therapy (a.k.a. Graded Motor Imagery) – An emerging effective therapeutic strategy for treating patients with pain and impaired movement.  Mirror Therapy integrates established principles of neuro-muscular re-education with supporting evidence in the neuroscience of pain and neuro plasticity.
  • Interactive Metronome – Used for repetitive therapeutic exercise to strengthen weak muscles and help normalize those areas of the brain that process, integrate and anticipate pain stimuli.



Ergonomics is an applied science concerned with modifying objects or re-arranging a person’s environment in order to improve efficiency and safety,  including correcting potential problems before they develop into chronic medical conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. We are able to provide a skilled ergonomic assessment of your workstation with the aim being to maintain your best posture comfortably and minimize nerve impingements and the forces put through your muscles and joints while you perform repetitive tasks. An effective ergonomic set-up optimizes:

  • health and safety,
  • comfort and ease of use.