Driving Evaluation Program


Driver safety is our number one priority. We believe that a person should continue to drive as long as they are safe to do so.  Our goal is to keep Virgin Islands roadways safe by providing comprehensive, personalized and objective driver evaluations.  Driving evaluations are an instrumental way to help determine if someone is safe to continue driving, whether it be for physical, perceptual, or cognitive reasons.  To participate, you will need a current driver’s license, an updated vision evaluation with prescribed corrective lenses as needed, and a doctor’s order.


Hands on WheelAlthough it may feel like second nature, driving is a skill that can fade.  A driver may not be aware that he or she has become an unsafe driver. That is when a skilled driver safety consultation is needed, to provide an objective and informed third party opinion to identify those drivers who may be at increased risk for collisions.

It is typically a family member or medical professional who will raise the question about a driver’s safety.  Signs of unsafe driving include noticing a pattern of an increased frequency of occurrence of:


  • Failure to notice traffic signs or an important activity on the side of the road


  •  Moving into the wrong lane / Difficulty maintaining lane position


  •  Getting lost on familiar routes


  •  Confusing the gas and brake pedals


  •  Slow reactions / Near misses


  •  Loss of perception of other vehicles, bikes, pedestrians and obstacles


  •  Traffic accidents and tickets